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Out Dated Websites

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Sometimes a website has been around for a while with next to no updates.

This site belongs to a community church in Victoria BC. Click here for Live Site

Viewed on a mobile device, you have to zoom in to read and tap on links. Aesthetically it is not one to be desired. 

Stressing the importance here, a website for a community based establishment should have a blog and Social Media accounts. Specifically to a spiritual group, a Blog combined with Social Media and Newsletters is a great way to create a greater connection with your demographic. Keeping your audience coming back to your website will have them exploring other pages like Cornerstone's Events and Calendar page. Before you know it your physical community will grow.

In conversing with the Lead Pastor and other contributors that will be involved with the new websites content, there will be new areas that will be added. Pages like Blogs for missions abroad, Blogs for pastoral ministry, a place to contribute financially through the website to support a mission/ministry or general giving, a Community Calendar that contributors will be able to control, a Special Events page, an Audio Sermon page to listen to archived services, pastoral bio page and a updated contact page with geographical map.

This is a significant amount of new content that will be available to the current community and to any newcomers or visitors.  This website and media structure  will create active roles for community members to engage in Social Media, Newsletters and Blogging. 

All of which will cross post from the website to Social Media generating traffic to the website. With the content updated and fresh the website and community will stay interesting. Keeping a constant flow of traffic to the website, adding geographical location, linking to Gsuite, Bing, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram will make it significant to Search Engine Optimization. 

With all that said there is still room for a professional photoshoot to bring relevant media to the website, coaching on Video Blogging and Social Media Management. 

The Cornerstone community is excited and so am I to be working together for the greater good.

Stay tuned for updates on this project.


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